• Opener file no longer works after upgrade to FileMaker 16

    Due to FileMaker version 16’s new warnings about connecting to servers without SSL,  after upgrading, some opener files simply don’t open files from FileMaker Server over the network like they did under previous versions of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Advanced. The symptom: Many users use “opener” files, local files saved on their hard drives, to open FileMaker databases […]

  • Case Study: FileMaker database suddenly slow on startup, then speeds up with use

    TL;DR: A corrupt record can cause sporadic performance problems in FileMaker databases, especially when accessing them remotely. I encountered an interesting error recently. A client database on which I am working remotely suddenly took much longer to open than it used to – increasing from about 20 seconds to fully open to about 4 minutes. The database […]

  • Switching to FileMaker 13’s external container storage: a “gotcha” discovered

    TL;DR: Legacy scripts and calculations which depend on values in container fields may break when those fields are converted to external storage. A rare circumstance, but worth filing away, maybe it’ll help someone with future troubleshooting: I was working on a legacy database yesterday, converting the numerous container fields to external storage to slim down […]

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