• “[Er, Almost] Always Working” FileMaker app Multi-Page PDF viewer

    Note: This technique should be considered “almost always working”, not “always working” as previously (and wishfully) billed. Sorry, as FileMaker and desktop OSes have changed, this file, which relies on several technologies from several different sources working together, has proven to be not always reliable. I would not try to use it in any solution […]

  • “Share” Bookmarklet to Create a Tumblr Text Post (That Actually Works)

    I do a lot of posting to Tumblr to archive notes on interesting things I’ve read online. Tumblr’s default sharing bookmarklet and browser extensions have two serious drawbacks: 1.) They either create photo or link posts, nothing else 2.) They frequently don’t work at all: the share window opens, and then the “spinner” graphic sits […]

  • How to have a userscript in TamperMonkey/GreaseMonkey automatically update a GitHub repo

    TL;DR: I edit scripts in TamperMonkey (GreaseMonkey replacement) and have the changes automatically update a master GitHub repo by backing TamperMonkey up to Dropbox, then having an OS X Folder Action perform the GitHub update. Here’s a pretty arcane trick that hopefully will be of use to some other person, somewhere, someday. In my GitHub repo I have shared a […]

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