Work Samples & Demos

This page contains links to some simple work samples and technical articles in FileMaker Pro, web development, and finance & investment modeling.

Note: Unfortunately, due to the complexity and extraordinary amount of work that goes into my more advanced FileMaker projects, there are not many that I can simply publicly distribute for free. I have written a personal library of very advanced recursive custom functions, a stock portfolio manager including realtime broker API integration with oAuth authentication, the below-mentioned DDR dependency analyzer, and other much more advanced FileMaker solutions that I cannot share for public download, but am happy to do a remote screenshare and demo all of it for interviewers or anyone else interested. Please contact me using the contact info at right to arrange a live demo.

FileMaker Pro:

Custom function samples hosted on

Interactive FileMaker dependency analyzer sample output, which integrates XSLT, FileMaker Pro, and Javascript/WebAssembly GraphViz port to create interactive FileMaker dependency charts from FileMaker’s native XML DDR, at The FileMaker file that parses the DDR and generates this can be demoed by appointment.

Small FileMaker tech demos hosted on this site: Using Images in FileMaker’s Container Fields Inside Web Viewers with the Base64Encode function (FM 13+) and “[Er, Almost] Always Working” FileMaker app Multi-Page PDF viewer

FileMaker-Related tool: An Automator workflow for OS X which creates a system service that visually formats FileMaker Pro calculations for easy readability, in any app in the system, even outside of FileMaker (updated and repackaged from Debi Fuchs’s 2005


Web/Wordpress development showpiece: my extensively customized WordPress personal hobby site at KUPIETZ | ARTS+CODE.

Internet Bad Statements Detector“, a demonstration of PHP techniques for creating a portable single-page web app for self-hosting: details and code on Github at, and live demo at

WordPress function to enable a shortcode to create non-render-blocking YouTube embeds in WordPress sites:

SEO technique article: Search Engine Optimization: Set up an SSL site to avoid “chained” multiple 301 redirects with .htaccess rewrite rules

Greasemonkey-compatible jQuery userscripts: A very flexible, open-ended web content filter:, and a userscript bringing new UI features and embedded research tools to popular DEX- & DeFi-related websites to give users an edge and help then avoid scams:

Finance & Investment Modeling:

MS Excel decentralized finance spreadsheet model simulating a Uniswap AMM liquidity pool, using exact calculations from Uniswap Core contracts. Observe pricing, slippage, LP token issuance, and impermanent loss transaction-by-transaction:

Pine Script TradingView trading indicators and algorithms: for SEO purposes, I’m keeping my archive of these over on my personal site rather than here, at These require a free account to use.

An Excel spreadsheet that allows you to filter the public track record of Motley Fool stock recommendations, to see how much imperfect execution under real-world conditions would have changed the results from what they advertise:

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