Upload Files for Mike

Apologies, but this form was insecure. I have disabled this function until I can find a secure replacement. Please contact me if you need to transfer a sensitive file to me and I will manually provide you with access to upload securely to my dropbox.


You  can securely upload files to Mike Kupietz using this form.

1. Hit the Add Files button above for to select the file(s) you want to upload. If you select more than one file to upload, they will be listed separately below.
2. Hit the Start Upload button.
3. Once the upload is complete, the file(s) will be listed below. Please do not hit the ‘delete’ button… that will delete your uploaded file(s) from the server, undoing the upload!
4. You can then simply close this browser window. Nobody but Mike will be able to see what you have uploaded.

That’s it!