Capturing a FileMaker screenshot in Preview Mode with a scripted “Copy []” command

This hidden feature of FileMaker has been documented elsewhere, but there’s a little quirk that isn’t always mentioned. You can capture a screenshot of your current layout in FileMaker by going into Preview mode, and selecting “Copy” from the “Edit” menu. This places a screenshot of the Preview on the clipboard.

However, if you script this, there’s a slight glitch. If you use the “Copy []” script step while in Preview mode, it may not work, and the Script Debugger may return a “Error 3 – command not available” error.

Copy script step with options showing
You need to specify “Select entire contents” from the little gear popup in the Copy step, so the Script Workspace shows “Copy [ Select ]” for the step, as shown at right.

This will then correctly copy the screen image to the clipboard while in preview mode.

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