Michael E. Kupietz

Custom FileMaker Pro Solutions Developer & Mac Platform Support Consultant

Curriculum Vitae

Serving clients in the San Francisco Bay area and nationwide
(415) 545-8743


3/98 –


FILEMAKER PRO DEVELOPER and MACINTOSH SUPPORT CONSULTANT, Independent Contractor, San Francisco, CAI develop custom FileMaker Pro solutions and provide consulting, training and general Macintosh platform expertise to a wide variety of nonprofits, individuals, and businesses of all sizes, both as an independent consultant and as subcontractor to top Filemaker consulting agencies. Clients have ranged from sole proprietors and small businesses up through international corporations, and have included biotech labs, internet startups, web stores, digital prepress companies, small publishing houses, psychotherapy clinics, sign shops, healthcare corporations, antique dealers, financial institutions, personnel agencies, movie prop warehouses, massage therapists, map and cartographic data companies, small book publishers, and numerous nonprofit groups. FileMaker Pro projects have been developed for both Macintosh and Windows platforms and have ranged from 4 hours to 20 months in length.

Past projects have included:

  • Automated system for the pharmacovigilance department of biotechnology research corporation to automatically import new and revised CIOMS Form PDFs from clinical partners received via email, read and extract adverse reaction data out of PDFs, and track MedDRA information and FDA reporting requirements compliance
  • Long-term ongoing client tracking database development and support for several large in-house community legal projects for nonprofit overseeing local county pretrial diversion programs
  • Job tracking system overhaul and FileMaker Pro 12 conversion of existing databases for the prototype fabrication lab of a major global computer manufacturing corporation
  • Sports challenge and pop quiz participant registration and scoring system for trade show exhibitor, designed to handle up to 800 participants per day at 13 kiosk workstations, including iPad score entry stations implemented using FileMaker Go, and 53″ monitor leaderboard to display up-to-the-minute high scores.
  • Long-term (20 months) onsite customization and support for existing management database system for 100+ psychotherapist nonprofit clinic, including developing HIPAA-compliant patient records checking and management elements, HR and financial recordkeeping and reporting, automated therapist email notifications and alerts, and Federal standards-based electronic data interchange (EDI) with county health agencies.
  • Shelf signage printing system for national import/specialty food retail supermarket chain
  • Job tracking system for the packaging design division of a sporting goods manufacturer
  • Mailing label formatting help for small local antique dealer
  • Scientific data and HR management databases for a biotechnology lab
  • FileMaker Pro v7 migration of digital asset management system for a corporate clothing manufacturer’s online store
  • General MIS development and support for a nonprofit providing Buddhist spiritual training and literature to prison inmates
  • Inventory and invoicing system for a movie prop rental house
  • Back-end processing of customer data for an interactive web-based Business-to-Business directory and placement service, including two-way ODBC data transferal between office databases and live MySQL website back-end
  • Customer reservations tracking, operator relations, scheduling and accounting system for adventure travel tour booking company
  • Student placement and records management system for a nationwide non-profit student exchange program
  • Centralized job and time tracking system in 24 hour use at 50 workstation digital prepress company
  • Lead and job tracking database for home improvement contractor, including data synchronization between “satellite” estimating databases on-site in laptops and primary database in office
  • Appointment scheduling and patient record management for small massage therapy center
  • Overhaul and troubleshooting of outdated MIS databases for a large nonprofit educational foundation and learning disabilities resource library
  • Management system for elementary school PTA “scrip” fundraising program
  • Centralized multi-campus work order tracking system for a major computer manufacturer
  • Product catalog web page generation system and postage software integration for small software reseller
  • Troubleshooting, performance optimization and customization of pre-existing budgeting databases for $40+ million dollar construction project
  • Database instruments for recording and statistical analysis of psychiatric personality inventory results for use in evaluating worker’s compensation claims
  • Ongoing troubleshooting, customization and staff instruction on MIS databases for an educational book publishing firm
  • Ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting of relational management and subscriber information database system for a nonprofit magazine publisher

4/94 –


FILEMAKER PRO DEVELOPER (4/94-3/12), IT MANAGER and WEBMASTER (9/97-3/12), BOOKKEEPER (4/94-1/96), Green Tortoise Adventure Travel, San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA

Green Tortoise is a San Francisco-based adventure travel company which offers low-cost camping tours to outdoor destinations throughout North and Central America, and operates guesthouses catering to international travelers in San Francisco and Seattle. Responsibilities include company IT decision-making, administration, design and troubleshooting of both the office computer systems and website.

Responsibilities as in-house FILEMAKER PRO DEVELOPER (4/94-3/12) :

  • Authored and administrate large proprietary system of 20 related FileMaker Pro databases (500+ fields and 180 scripts in total) in 24 hour use at San Francisco and Seattle guesthouses to handle all front desk transactions, petty cash and vending activity, reservations, guest history information, occupancy and vacancy reporting, guest referral source tracking, accounting, management auditing and report generation
  • Responsible for design decisions, administration and troubleshooting of system of 35+ management information databases hosted on FileMaker Pro Server at San Francisco location, including: relational passenger reservations system, travel information, office communications, online troubleshooting information and guidance, mailing lists, contact databases and more
  • Authored FileMaker Pro-driven HTML code generator for to streamline process of updating schedule information on website
  • Developed management information databases for Seattle guesthouse, including desk clerk shift closeout, employee records/payroll, work/rent trade accounting, and financial recordkeeping

Responsibilities as IT MANAGER (9/97-3/12):

  • Administrate, maintain and troubleshoot hardware, software and networking for office LAN of 13 Macintoshes at San Francisco location, including dedicated server, front desk, phone clerk, accounting, and graphics/DTP workstations
  • Administrate and troubleshoot office internet connectivity and DHCP server software
  • Responsible for administration and troubleshooting of system of 35+ management information databases hosted on FileMaker Pro Server at San Francisco location
  • Set up, administrate and troubleshoot automated system backup
  • Advise executives on all aspects of company hardware and software decisions
  • Supervise and train staff in use of computer systems
  • Provide consulting, troubleshooting and administration advice for 4 Macintosh ethernet LAN at company’s Seattle location

Responsibilities as WEBMASTER (9/97-7/07):

  • Authored and maintained 130 page company website, including javascript, graphic design, CGI and PERL scripts
  • Handle all company internet relations and online marketing and research
  • Retrieve and report to management on website statistics for use in determining online marketing and design strategies
  • Check website search engine placement for selected keywords, perform periodic search engine resubmission and web page optimization for engine placement

Responsibilities as BOOKKEEPER (4/94-1/96):

  • Record keeping and report generation for Seattle Guesthouse using Quicken and FileMaker Pro, including business expense tracking, daily income records, credit card and checking account activity and statement reconciliation, and employee time sheets and records

3/94 –


MACINTOSH SPECIALIST, MacTemps and HandyMac/PC, Seattle, WA

MacTemps and HandyMac/PC are temporary staffing agencies specializing in placing Macintosh professionals with businesses throughout the Seattle area.

  • Provided Macintosh expertise and administrative help to area law firms, banks, nonprofit groups, and more on assignments lasting from several days to 10 weeks
  • Assignment responsibilities included light system maintenance and troubleshooting, database and spreadsheet design, legal and general word processing

8/92 –


OPERATIONS ASSISTANT, Lawyers Alliance for New York, New York, NY

Lawyers Alliance for New York is a non-profit law firm specializing in pro bono legal work for other 503(c) nonprofit groups. I worked with them on a “long-term temporary” basis.

  • Administrated and maintained 12-Macintosh appleshare LAN, FileMaker Pro contact databases, and software library
  • Assisted Operations Director in all aspects of office operations
  • Provided general office support, including heavy word processing, clerical duties, and DTP

8/88 –



John Rooney Inc. is a small general contracting business. I worked for Mr. Rooney during my summers and vacations while I was in college, occasionally coming to work for a few days while school was in session, and then part-time for 1 1/2 years after graduation.

  • Worked closely with contractor in all aspects of office computer operations and record keeping, including word processing, spreadsheet design and maintenance, electronic bookkeeping, database upkeep, DTP, and clerical duties
  • Created custom record keeping spreadsheets, accounting program and contact databases using Microsoft Excel macro language
  • Instructed contractor and employees in use of Macintosh hardware and software

2/87 –


OFFICE ASSISTANT, Intelligent Computer Music Systems, Inc., Albany, NY

Intelligent Computer Music Systems developed interactive “algorithmic composition” MIDI music software for the Macintosh.

  • Assisted president and office manager of company in all aspects of operations, including software demonstration and sales in office and at trade shows, telephone technical support, and clerical duties


9/88 –


Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

BA, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Concentration: Physics

Senior thesis: “On the Mathematical Modeling of Lowest-Mode Sounding Frequency of Uniform-Bore Fipple Flutes” (woodwind instrument acoustical modeling)

Teaching Assistant in Electronics Lab (two semesters) and Electronic Music (three semesters)

9/86 –


State University of New York at Albany, Albany, NY

Major: Computer Science

Teaching Assistant in Electronic Music (three semesters)


Available upon request.

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