About Michael Kupietz, FileMaker Pro Developer

Michael Kupietz has been a computer programmer for over 35 years, and specialized in FileMaker development since 1997.

Other skills and work experience include advanced expertise in Macintosh platform administration and troubleshooting, many years of web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, PERL, in various degrees) and search engine optimization experience, a moderate knowledge of Windows administration, and general IP networking.

Away from the keyboard, he secretly plays a pretty mean guitar, has an album of avant-garde electronic music perpetually nearing completion, and, resolutely determined to find a way to maintain his aura of relentless cool despite the onset of tragically unhip middle age, has, lately, become an aspiring saxophonist.

A Personal Note From Mike — why I’m a developer

Michael Kupietz, FileMaker Pro DeveloperHello! I’ve loved computer programming since my folks had the foresight to enroll me in computer classes as a kid and got me my first computer in sixth grade, all the way back in the ’70s — an 8k Commodore PET (the old ROMs version with the tiny calculator-style keyboard and built-in tape drive, not that newfangled new ROMs version with the full-sized keyboard and slick green CRT!) I was literally the first kid on my block to have a personal computer… by about 5 years. It wasn’t like today. Back then, to get to a computer store, we had to walk seven miles in the snow, uphill both ways. And we didn’t have an iPod with Frank Ocean on it to keep us entertained along the way… we had to drag Kool & The Gang along, in person. You kids don’t know how easy you have it.

I started working with FileMaker Pro in 1994, helping the building manager of the building I lived in get his accounting in order. After I moved to the Bay Area a few years later, I joined the Berkeley Mac User Group’s FileMaker Special Interest Group, which met every few weeks to discuss FileMaker development. As it turned out, I was one of the more experienced users there, and over time I led a lot of discussions and answered a lot of Q&A. That led to offers of freelance projects, which led to more word-of-mouth, and before I knew it, my favorite hobby had become my chief source of income. Talk about lucky.

I love my work. I love to solve problems. I love to help people refine & flesh out their visions for how their businesses could run more smoothly. Of course I love the technical challenges and creativity of programming, and I definitely love the variety of different businesses and people I get to work with. And when all is said and done, I love that my job, simply put, is to make people’s jobs easier. My clients are grateful. I really find that rewarding. I’m not a marketer, I’m a programmer, so this isn’t hype, it’s just the truth.

FileMaker has been, for me, the ideal thing to specialize in. While FileMaker has certainly grown more complex & powerful over the years, it’s still kept a certain ease of rapid development that makes it sometimes feel more like a creative tool than a technical one. I noticed early on that, of all the different IT areas I’m familiar with, for some reason FileMaker Pro development seems to be the one that attracts the most creative people — folks who, in their off hours, also happened to be painters, musicians like myself, etc. There’s just more of an immediate functional payoff with FileMaker, in terms of seeing your ideas realized more easily, with far fewer abstract technical concerns to distract from what you want to accomplish than other comparable tools. That makes it a very natural tool for people who enjoy creative challenges. It’s very easy to develop in and experiment with.

I think a lot of businesses like it for that reason, too, since whoever in their organization has the most contact with their database often easily picks up the skill to make minor changes themselves, which is a nice plus. …Ok, you got me, maybe I’m being a *bit* of a marketer here. It’s all true, though.

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