I have two adjoining rooms, plus private full bath and small additional in-apartment storage room, available in my centrally-located SF apartment.

When the space opened up, my mind hearkened back to the days when my friends were all renting out whatever grungy basement or garage they could find to use as space to do their art or try to launch their startups. So, before taking on another full-time roommate, I thought first I’d try to broaden my search and see if I could find anyone who already has a place to live but might be able to use these rooms for spare work, play, or studio space.

This is a residential apt and I’m master tenant. So, while I legally can’t offer a commercial lease, on paper you’ll be an authorized roommate, you’ll get a signed roommate agreement and have written landlord approval to sublet here, and you’ll be entitled to any legal use you want to make of your space, just like anybody who rents a room in an apartment. (You’ll also have to abide by the terms of a standard residential lease, so no pets except service animals, no overly loud noise after 10pm, etc.) While I’m hoping to rent it as auxiliary space to someone who has a primary residence to go home to, there’s no time limits on you being here, spending nights here, etc. They’re your rooms.

I can consider renting both rooms together as one unit, or separately. If rented together, a connecting pantry between them and full private bathroom will be included for free.

What’s included

  • two adjoining rooms, each approx 11’x14′ plus one small closet each, and connected internally via an additional walk-through pantry with some additional shelf space. If rooms rented separately, pantry will be shared.
  • if both rooms are rented together, a private full bathroom of your own (there are two full baths in the apartment, so we each have our own. If the rooms are rented separately, both bathrooms in the apartment will be shared by all.)
  • half the space of our small additional in-apartment storage room.
  • shared kitchen and living room
  • coin laundry machines in building
  • reasonably pleasant backyard
  • Hulu and Apple TV subscriptions are included free for your use on the living room TV, for as long as I’ve got them.
  • Free cable internet may possibly be included also, at least for part of the time. We can discuss that… I’ll probably make you promise to water my plants while I’m away in exchange.
  • 24/7 access to all the above

The rent

Total rent for all the above is $790/room, or $1580/month for both plus the private pantry and bath. Move-in expense is 1st+last months’ rent + $750 security deposit.

The location

Off lower Divisadero, near Alamo Square/GG Panhandle, close to many major Muni bus lines and the N-Judah. Car parking is on the street with neighborhood resident permit ($140/yr). With the residential permits, I’m told on-street parking isn’t that bad nowadays. Or you can pay for a monthly indoor spot at a parking garage on the next block over.

Any other occupants?

No. Besides whoever rent this available space, I’m the only tenant. And I work from the road sometimes, so, no promises, but if you’re here a long time it is possible there may be long stretches, even over a year or more, when I’m traveling and you wind up with the entire place all to yourself much or all of the time. For that reason, I’m looking to rent to someone exceptionally responsible & trustworthy.


If possible, preference will be given for someone with a great references. Recommendations from someone I already know & trust is a huge plus, and before final acceptance you’ll need to pass a standard roommate background check. If everything else looks good, as the last step in the process, I will ask you for a fee to cover the background check, but if you pass the check and choose to move in, I’ll deduct the fee from the first month’s rent.

Looking for a primary living space?

I’m willing to discuss renting out the rooms to a new full-time roommate as a primary place to live, but you should know, I already have people interested in that, so you’d be in line for it behind several people. My goal right now is to see if there’s any interest out there in the space for any other use, before I just go ahead and move in another full-time roommate.

Another situation I might be willing to give preference to would be someone who lives elsewhere and regularly commutes in long distance to work in the city, and needs long-term in-city accommodations to stay at while here in town for the nights they’re here.

As of this updated writing (October 2023) I’m willing to discuss a short-term sublet of one or just a few months while I continue to interview long term prospects, or temporarily only renting out one of the rooms instead of both. I’m open to discuss any possibility that might suit you, it never hurts to ask.

Please inquire at 415-545-8743 or [email protected].

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